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20 December 2017

Moving, again.

2017 has been an unusually busy year. Aside from changing jobs, I've published three new apps for iOS:

Originally, I'd planned to release a different, third app, but Yarn came together so quickly, that it was easier to publish it first. I'll get to that other app next year.

Posting dried up completely, mainly because I was working on revamping this site (more on that in a minute). In its place, I briefly ran a newsletter, but it languished due to lack of growth. That said, feel free to sign up, as I hope to pick it up again in the new year and more subs will encourage me to actually do it... :)

I finally moved the site away from Tumblr. I always liked using Tumblr, but the company was purchased by Yahoo! a while back, and the uncertainty around its continued existence lit a fire under me to finish the migration.

This took a lot of work: I had to export posts from Tumblr to Markdown, fix bad export artifacts, and then write a custom nginx configuration to redirect old Tumblr URL slugs to a new format. Oh, and I also wrote my own static blog generator, because... "why not?" 🙄

The generator, called Blip, is open-source and available on Github.

I'd originally started writing Blip in node.js, and was planning to have it run actively on the server. I eventually gave up on that idea, mainly because I didn't feel like setting up the server aspect of it, so I rewrote it in Swift. It's very specific to my usage, but if it suits your needs, then go ahead and fork, modify, whatever!

That's all for now. Roll on 2018...

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