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We found out last night that Barack Obama uses our GAME GOLF device. GolfWRX has a few more pics and info, and the Irish Times has a nice follow-up piece about the company.

Galway Bus RTPI API

The website has access to real-time data for the Galway Bus Éireann transit system. Unfortunately, this data is not officially accessible to developers, and is in a weird, proprietary, JSON-ish format. The aim of this project is to provide a simple API to access this data, returning it in a valid JSON format. It was also a good excuse to finally learn how to use node.js :)

A couple of notes/caveats:

  • Google Maps provides this info already, but it doesn’t seem to be available in the Directions API right now.
  • In theory, the code could be modified to service the entire country. I’m not sure of the extent of the RTPI, but it seems to cover commuter services, in addition to the city/town services.

Live demo available at

Source code available on Github. Please feel free to send pull requests!


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Dynamics, Transitions, Animations

As a follow-on from this post, I wanted to link to a few excellent articles that run through my favourite additions to the iOS SDK — the majority of which were added, or vastly improved, in iOS 7.

Actually, that entire "Animations" issue of is well worth reading, if you haven’t already checked it out.